Welcome to the Perrin Neighborhood Association web site! We're glad you're here. We love our neighborhood, and the people who call it home. All are welcome to attend our meetings. If everyone gets involved, our neighborhood can only get better!

Fall 2009
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Recent Events:

  Next Neighborhood Meeting is September 22!

We'll be having our next neighborhood meeting on September 22 at 6:30 PM at the Howarth Center on 18th. See the calendar for the schedule of upcoming meetings!

Thanks, Neighbors, For Making Our First Picnic Great!

The first annual Perrin Picnic was held on May 23rd 2009 on the green space located at the corner of Erie and Ferry streets. The event was a great success. Thanks to Noah Mattern for chairing the committee and organizing the event!

Click HERE to view photos of the event!

Let's Team Up to Fight Crime!

There are many people to thank that watch over our area every week. They are the people who silently keep eyes on activities that shouldn't be happening. They are the people who walk at night so we may sleep better. We also thank the officers that patrol the alleys and back streets when we don't know. Think how awesome it would be if we all did that much! We would be sending a message to all that crime is not welcome here. Do you think we can do that? We do! Let's all come aboard and make this a team effort by all. We have a new crop of neighbors that must step up and take care of what the old-timers used to do. It is up to us to make a difference! Let's do it!

Lafayette Police Department   (765) 807-1200

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